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 About Us

Sterling Excavation, Inc. is a full service site work contractor and MDOT pre-qualified in Ea, Fd, G, K, NZ.  We began operations in January 2000 specializing in smaller, schedule driven site work construction.  Since then, we have expanded our operations and horizons maintaining our dedication to job quality, consistency, and timeliness.  Our company has expanded during difficult economic times, while others have struggled.  This illustrates our commitment to job versatility and perfection has paid off with customer satisfaction.  We hope to work with you in the future on any and all of your construction needs.


                                             Whitney Drain Project





To contact us:

Avery Sterling III

Office: 989-343-0926

Cell: 989-240-4721

Fax: 989-343-0952

E-mail: asterling3@ejourney.com